Reagan's Wish

Reagan's Wish was founded in 2013 by Kim Smith on behalf of her daughter Reagan affected by autism. While Reagan's Wish initially focused on technology, Kim knew every child possessed and deserved multiple ways to express themselves.  As the daughter of a dance teacher, dancing was part of Reagan's DNA... but as a differently-abled child, her opportunities were limited. Then the idea for A Chance to Dance was born...and through incredible generosity of volunteers, Miss Donna's School of Dance, and amazing creative children and their parents, the idea became a reality!  

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Happy Children, Proud Parents

“There are not enough words to express how happy we are to see her dance. The first time we watched her dance I think my husband and I cried for a full 30 minutes. She literally was shining,”

“It is the one thing she has to look forward to every week. She would wear her tutus and ballet stuff 24/7 if we would let her,” 


“I just want to give them the opportunity, to let them shine.” 

Reagan's wish believes God has a plan for these children, that we should love them through their journey and imagine all the wonderful things they will accomplish.  Through a Chance to Dance, children build friendships, confidence, skill, and a sense of accomplishment. 

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Your artwork truly captured the very heart of this program...

Alex at Studio Elska sent me a series of questions about the dance program and I really put a lot of thought into my answers because I thought it was amazing that he really wanted to make this design so personal to what this program means to me. This was the second design they came up with and he said that they had the children in mind when designing this one. They wanted to depict a dancer with an irregular body that is as graceful as any other dancer. They felt this design would help the children be more confident in themselves. There were two other designs that were done but I kept being drawn back to this one and I think it's simply because some will look at this and say their bodies look  broken and complicated and different but when I look at them I don't see any of that I just see beautiful dancers just like when I look at each of my from all of us at A Chance To Dance in Matthews, NC to you and your team in New York, New York we love you and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts